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Mind Over Matter (MOM) is a provider of dynamic high performance programmes, creative courses, alternative away days, cutting edge consultancy and tailored research. MOM are specialists in creating, developing and delivering tailored experiences, courses, and consultancy that address the client’s business needs and connects them to their employees, partners and customers. Experts in the fields of event safety, risk management, crowd safety, emergency planning, crowd science, counter-terrorism, leadership & management. MOM’s innovative, creative and professional approach facilitates extensive personal development motivating and animating both internal and external customers supported by their extensive and valued knowledge.

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Crowded Space Education

These immersive learning programmes support those working at events, festivals, transport hubs, shopping centres and other crowded spaces through focused practice based modules.

Executive Education

Our Executive Education programmes are for middle and senior managers wishing to enhance their business offer and is available in three different formats: workshop only, modular and the Postgraduate Certificate.

Consultancy Services

In all of our consultancy delivery we put our clients first utilising their expert knowledge to inform our work. A needs analysis report is created which underpins the development of the project, issue or process.

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