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Expert Witness & Report Editing

expert-witnessMOM has for the past five years provided expert witness testimony/reports and edited major disaster documents in both the UK and Europe. This objective work has helped to establish the cause of many incidents and support the authorities in making events safer for both the public and those working there.

Recent reports for the HSE into dangerous events and supporting NaCTSO in writing their booklets on counter terrorism for universities and for events has shown the quality of the associates utilised by the company.

The key to expert witness work is to be completely objective and it is often difficult to do this when a case is very emotive. However, as we have found out, until the evidence is thoroughly reviewed and all of the issues and idiosyncrasies identified one cannot make any judgments because the whole story from all sides is not clear or validated. Once validated and information becomes intelligence it is a case of sifting through the evidence, using timelines, putting it all into context and understanding motives, legalities and guidance to create an objective report. This is not easy work and takes a lot of skill and judgment to ensure that a balanced view is created.