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Health and Safety Evaluations

safetyFor many years MOM has worked across the world delivering onsite health and safety evaluations and risk assessments for clients ranging from Champions League Football Clubs to major festivals in Serbia, Denmark, Germany, and the US as well as disability site evaluations for clients in the US and Scotland. MOM has provided reports and worked with senior management teams to ensure that the events are safe for all who attend.

MOM has recently been involved in the planning development of the Formula E event in Battersea Park providing an immersive learning scenario activity as a workshop and tabletop for all of those working on the day. By using immersive learning tasks this type of activity becomes as near to the real-life situation as possible. These are especially useful where creating such activities in real time are either impossible or too dangerous for those taking part. Such scenarios test the knowledge; problem-solving capacities and the negotiation and communications skills of those involved often creating a theory into practice delivery based on the immersive learning activity. This type of activity provides those participating with high-level skills and a knowledge of how to use them in a difficult situation.