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Lectures, Seminars & Conference Keynotes

lecturesMind Over Matter can provide lectures, seminars and conference keynotes in their areas of expertise: crowd safety, leadership, and management. Over the past decade Professor Chris Kemp alongside Henrik Nielsen from Roskilde Festival has driven a series of European seminars based on health and safety at festivals. Through this work the YES Group steering committee has ensured both currency and usability of the work delivered. Recently Professor Chris Kemp provided an inaugural Professorial Public Lecture in Edinburgh for Edinburgh Napier University. Although not in an area that MOM is well known for the lecture focused on “How safe are we”. Professor Kemp has been commissioned to write a number of articles for major security magazines this year, which focus on the different types of terrorist modus operandi and how festivals and events can be made safer. Along with other steering group members panels have been created for MaMa Festival in Paris and the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg.

As well as having given lectures at the Royal Society of Medicine and appeared at the House of Commons Select Committee, Professor Kemp also supports a number of organisations in the delivery of seminars and conferences to increase the profile of health, safety and crowd management across the world.