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Formula E Tabletop


MOM has provided the London New Year’s Eve Tabletop exercise for the New Year’s Eve Fireworks for the last ten years. As well as this they provide tabletops for Wembley (FA Cup Final), Battersea Park Firework Night, Formula E and many others including some for European Festivals and events. The Formula E was a very interesting exercise as it pits two management teams with two separate control rooms against each other rather than a collective delivery. It is clear that the Parks team and the Council consider the event as a unified delivery whilst the Formula E team see the race as the prime mover. This worked well during the tabletop as MOM were able to provide scenarios which tested both situations and showed that neither team could work without the other and the Formula E team has to work more closely with the Parks team to ensure that all operations went to plan. Tabletop exercises are important and MOM over the last year have run exercises just before major disasters where learnings from them could have been used in the real thing.