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Increase in Standing Floor Capacity


Many venues around the UK are considering an increase in the capacity of their standing floor as making this step leads to a range of positive enhancements to the customer experience. These include the heightened experience of those attending events as well as an increase in income. The increase in income is not just from extra ticket sales, but also from extra secondary spend on a range of products and services. However, one of the key aspects related to such an uplift in numbers is the creation of a balance between safety and profit. The Mind Over Matter ‘Venue Enhancement Project’ is the vehicle through which such a balance is achieved.

At Mind over Matter we have developed a fully integrative project package which considers both the quantitative and qualitative effects of an increase in venue floor capacity and whether this option is viable to the venue in question. Our last two clients have been able to increase their standing floor capacity, developing not just a more profitable event-based income, but also creating a happier and more involved audience, some of whom were not able to get standing tickets to previous events because they were sold out.

MOM has provided this service for a number of venues already, including the O2 arena in London and the Echo Arena in Liverpool, both of which were able to increase standing floor capacities.

The project is bespoke to each venue as there are idiosyncrasies involved when working with such unique spaces. The space possibilities are calculated and interviews are carried out, with both internal and external customers, culminating in data analysis which identifies the scope of the increase.

MOM will provide an initial service to identify if an increase is possible and will not move the project any further if the outcome is negative saving the venue from any unwarranted cost.

If you are interested in the ‘Venue Enhancement Project’, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Kemp on 07834 140598 or alternatively e-mail chris.kemp@momconsultancy.com

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