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Team Building with Milton Keynes Special Needs Adult Project

Team Building with Milton Keynes Special Needs Adult Project


MK SNAP is a charity that works with learners with special needs to give them skills to work in a range of environments. Like MOM their delivery is action oriented and provides in situ work place activity to enhance skills and deliver experience and enhanced wellbeing to the learners. This project is on going and supports those working with the learners in a the MK SNAP environment.

Project Brief

To support the learning and teaching ethic of the employees of MK SNAP by facilitating a development programme that enhances their team working ability and supports problem solving, negotiation, communication and self esteem


The main issue in the charity is enabling employees to realise that they are all part of team and each one has a different skill set to contribute. Some of these are complimentary whilst others are similar but needed in different places at the same time.


The first session of the project was extremely successful with those involved buying into the MK SNAP philosophy and understanding how they fit into the team and how their expertise and attributes are best utilised.