Mind Over Matter | Consultancy Services

Our Philosophy

Mind Over Matter Consultancy is renowned for its expert knowledge and the quality of its course provision


Mind Over Matter (MOM) Consultancy provides dynamic high performance programmes, creative courses, cutting edge consultancy and tailored research.


MOM is passionate about using creative approaches, based on extensive experience and expert knowledge, to empower and inspire others internationally.


MOM upholds both professional and ethical standards, whilst maintaining its creative edge. Thus it is a principled provider of dynamic, versatile, relevant and instantly applicable consultancy, education and training in a workplace setting.


  • To share our extensive and valued knowledge base through investing in others.
  • To promote creative and dynamic delivery for both our products and services.
  • To stay true to our values whilst providing an unconventional and distinctive approach to our work.


  • Crowd and Event Education
  • High Performance Programmes
  • Executive Education
  • Projects & Consultancy


  • Corporate business
  • Crowd management and crowded space
  • Education
  • Events
  • Healthcare trusts
  • Leisure services
  • Parks
  • Public Sector
  • Railways
  • Security
  • Sport
  • Stadia and outdoor festivals
  • The financial sector
  • Theatres and venues
  • Third sector organisations
  • Transport

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