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Authored books

Crowd Management Concepts and Contexts - Kemp C, Smith P. (2015)

Cambridge Academic Press (Published September 2015)

Learning in the Round: Concepts and Contexts in Work Based Learning - Kemp C, Smith P. (2013)
Case Studies in Crowd Management Two - Kemp C, (2010)

0 (2)The creation of good case studies to support work in progress and to give answers to those seeking guidance in their quest to come to terms with perennial questions is no easy task.
The first Case Studies in Crowd Management book focused mainly on a series of festivals and events that had a number of issues which required solving. This book focuses on a series of events that had major issues that impacted on the every day delivery of the events researched.

Entertainment Technology Press (2010)

Music Industry Management & Promotion (3rd Edition) - Kemp C, (2008)

ELM Publications (2008)

Case Studies in Crowd Management - Kemp C, Hill I, Upton M, Hamilton M (2007)

0 (1)This important work has been compiled from a series of research projects carried out by the staff of the Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, and seminar work carried out in Berlin and Groningen with partner Yourope. It includes case studies, reports and a crowd management safety plan for a major outdoor rock concert, safe management of rock concerts utilising a triple barrier safety system and pan-European Health & Safety Issues.

Entertainment Technology Press (2007)


Health and Safety Aspects in the Live Music Industry - Kemp C, Hill I (2004)

0 (3)This first title in a collaboration between Entertainment Technology Press and Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College includes chapters on various safety aspects of live event production written by specialists in their particular areas of expertise.
The book examines the subject from different viewpoints including the theoretical concepts, the application and licensing issues, the human element and a theoretical case study on perceived anti-social behaviour at rock concerts – a topic that raises controversial and difficult conclusions in itself.

Entertainment Technology Press (2004)


A Comparative Study of Crowd Behaviour at Two Major Music Events - Kemp C, Hill I, Upton M (2004)

0A compilation of the findings of reports made at two major live music concerts, and in particular crowd behaviour.
The book also offers advice on crowd safety, Health and Safety guidance for concerts, crowd control, management and safety, and on the importance of planning events and being prepared.

Entertainment Technology Press (2004)

Towards a Holistic Interpretation of Musical Genre Classification - Kemp C (2004)
Music Industry Management and Promotion (2nd Edition) - Kemp C (2000)

Edited books

Health and Safety Aspects in the Live Music Industry - Kemp C, Hill I (2004)

Book Chapter and contributions

High Adrenaline Work Environments at Events - Kemp C (2009)

Working in the Events Industry

Butterworth Heinemann (2009)

Guidance for Universities and Colleges on Terrorism - NaCTSO (2009)

DIUS/Home Office

(NaCTSO is the Government anti terrorism organization)

Guidance for Terrorism at Events - NaCTSO (2009)

DIUS/Home Office

(NaCTSO is the Government anti terrorism organization)

Journal articles

The Triadic Learning System - Kemp C, Smith P, Dalrymple R (2012)

The Journal of Further and Higher Education (2012)

Creating the Business Continuity Continuum - Kemp C (2009)

International Journal of Business Continuity Management (2009)

The Necessities of Crowd Profiling - Kemp C (2007)

Australian Journal of Event Tourism (2007)

Music Industry Management Degrees: Hitting the Right Note? - Tribe J D A, Kemp C (1999)

Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 51 (4), 1-14 (1999)